Pat Hennessy MD MPH

is a retired family physician having worked in the field of public health. She received her MD from Georgetown University in 1975, and interned at the United States Public Health Service Hospital in San Francisco. Her family practice training was at the Community Hospital of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, CA.


Dr. Hennessy’s Master of Public Health is from the University of Washington. While she has over a decade of public health experience in epidemiology, health planning and applied community research, her practice focused on women’s health during the menopause transition. At her clinic, “Women of a Certain Age,” Dr. Hennessy placed special emphasis on health risk appraisal and preventive strategies to maximize health and well being at mid-life.


What I Do Now

I have retired from medical practice as of December 27, 2017. This website is one of my strategies for staying connected with those of you who want to know what I did. Click on the small white image on the right to read my Farewell Letter.


Please use this website. Much time, energy, and talent have been expended to create it for you. See it as one of your navigational tools as you care for yourself in our increasingly fractured and complex "illness care" system. My wish is that it can help you sort through the often contradictory messages. Consider the source of this information to be from a sassy and very medically savvy gal pal. Enjoy the lighter and less formal voice and take good care of yourself!


--dr pat


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