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How To Find a Healthcare Provider


As boomers age and primary care docs retire, it seems like we're playing a game of musical chairs as we try to find someone to get "the big picture" about our particular health issues. Yet specialists and super sub-specialists abound. (My dad likes to joke that he has a specialist for his right eye and another for his left eye).


How can "U pick" someone to trust with your health?


Suggestions for the search:


• Does the office schedule you in a timely manner? Cheerful helpful staff would be a bonus… and that says something about the office communication style.


• Does the provider listen? You are the key informant about your body. When you ask questions and provide information, did someone listen attentively?


• Does your girlfriend network give information about the provider that is positive or negative?


• If there is a disconnect, move on. Your health is your first wealth. Secure it!

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