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Women Of A Certain Age - Product Suggestions

Product Name
Product #
THERAPEUTIC ** 2B good 1/day multi vitamin & multi mineral
CAL/MAG ** 16B necessary for all functions
VITA D ** 874A 1 daily in winter every other day in summer
SUPER B Complex 183B brain, mood, energy support
VITA C 184B natural antihistamine antioxidant
VITA E 58B antioxidant & anti-aging
IRON with C 11A easy to absorb iron
GINKGO 615 take 2 for hearing loss
CoQ10 319B a must-have if taking a statin
CRAN MAX 475A bladder support
LECITHIN Granules 80 neuro transmitter building block
SUPER EPA 116B omega 3 in correct ratio of EPA/DHA
SAMe 235 all purpose body efficiency support for joints, liver, & brain

** Basic Supplement Program


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